Evernote coming to Chromebook!

EvernoteI love my Chromebook. Mostly. It’s light, convenient, has my favorite Chrome browser, syncs my bookmarks.. but there are some downsides. It’s not as fast as a full-on laptop, and cannot run “full-sized” desktop apps. Especially one I use every day: Evernote.

It used to be that I could only use my web account to access Evernote for my Chromebook. I was used to this, as I also have a couple Linux systems; I have not yet found a suitable Linux desktop client for Evernote. Comment (please!) if you know of one.

With this announcement from Google via the developer blog, Evernote is one of the first apps to be released to run via the App Runtime for ChromeOS. This will allow an Android version of Evernote to run within the Chromebook OS! Now, I have yet to try this out, but when I get it configured and running I’ll report back with a “part 2” of this. If it even works marginally well, it will be a major win. If it runs fast and smooth, it will be a huge hit for the Chomebook market, paving the way for running many of the popular Android apps within your Chromebook.

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