Famo.us platform nearing full release

Famo.us on CodePenThe team at Famo.us is at long last gearing up for a full release of their platform. At a media event “open house” at their offices about a week ago, they committed to making the platform available within 60 days. This is an exciting time for both mobile and desktop developers, who have been chomping at the bit to get at the full code. Up until now, only pieces and demos have been made available to whet everyone’s appetite. As the famo.us team wanted to make their system compatible across a wide variety of platforms, they had engaged closely with hardware manufacturers to test and provide initial feedback on the system. If you are a developer working for one of these companies, you were certainly one of the lucky majority.

With the public beta launch nearing, there are pieces available that are available for tinkering on CodePen. From here you can see some real example, and code, to take a look at an play with. This leadup is an exciting time for mobile developers looking for a new type of user experience across devices, in both traditional 2D and high performance 3D. The early demos of the platform over a year ago were amazing, and the latest ones are no less impressive. Hopefully the “dream platform” as Steve Newcomb has described their development goal.

They have effectively brought to the HTML5/JavaScript/CSS world the tools and building blocks that game developers have been using for a long time. This opens up an entirely new UI realm to traditional database-driven web applications. For those thinking that the web world is getting a bit “beige” with sites and apps looking the same, or the same languages are limited but their own respective boundaries. Famo.us seems to be challenging these boundaries, and going far beyond them. With the integration of hardware specific functions, and flexible rendering output options, it is poised to change the web landscape even more than Flash did.

Find out more a http://www.famo.us



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