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Localytics and Zurb Foundation for Emails

Add Localytics email template variables to your Foundation for Emails template without generating errors or headaches.

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Creating an HTML from Scratch

This video covers the creation of an email from concert to finished HTML, demonstrating several tags and concepts along the way.

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Foundation for Emails: Basic Inky tags

This video covers the basic Inky tags used to create your email design layout.

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Zurb Foundation for Emails: Layouts, Pages, and Partials

Continuing the Foundation for Emails series, we cover Layout templates, Pages, and Partial HTML snippets.

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Zurb Foundation for Emails

Zurb Foundation for Emails simplifies and automates the arduous process of creating HTML emails that will work across all email clients.

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What I learned through selling a web site

I did it. I finally sold a small website. Can I quit my job and live on an exotic island, far from it. However, I did learn a lot from the process and am much better prepared to make the next site project easier to manage and sell. Although not a complete list, here...