How “Hippie Disappointment” strain of cannabis saved a child.

cannabis medical research can save lives.I have heard all the rhetoric from law makers and those under the age of 80 who describe cannabis as an evil drug. I’m tired of it. It’s a plant. I think many get swept up in the group-think fervor and condemn this without knowing all the facts. Our grand parents and great grandparents remember hemp, another variety of cannabis, that was used in everything from paper to fabric. The stuff grown damn near everywhere. Yes, those looking to take advantage of the THC compound in the plant have bred varieties to maximize this compound for its effect. However, as you can see from the following TEDx video from Josh Stanley, the same techniques can be used to maximize the production of other compounds. In this case, they also minimized the THC to make the “high” factor of their strain zero, while maximizing the effect of others to help children with life-threatening seizures. It’s my belief we need to rethink the laws based on wide-sweeping scare tactics to make medical cannabis research and it’s realized result more available to all. Oh, did I mention that it ca be used for paper, fabric, and dozens of other uses? Come on people, it’s a plant. Are legislators just waiting for Monsanto to patent a strain before the laws will change?

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