physical web prototyping kit

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Physical wireframe diagram

There are many people who like using browser-based tools to brainstorm and prototype new applications. However, for doing so in a group setting, or for being more flexible to make quick changes, not can beat pen and paper (in my opinion). Being a pen and paper person myself, I have used a vast collection of paper, post-it notes, pens, markers, and pencils. Using these basic tools I have created many mockup interfaces that can then be used as a basis for conversation with client before we tried coding anything. This seems to catch bigger changes, and allows for collaboration with the client with non-threatening tools and ultimately gets to an end result faster.

Understanding this process, created a package that rolls up many of the tools into a very nice, pro-looking “kit” with pockets for all the essential tools. A pocket for every tool, and every tool in it’s place.

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Tools inside


You can use your own plastic box or pencil mugs to organize your stuff, but the tidy setup that the system provides will make any office supply geek grin with delight. Also, if you can walk into a brainstorming meeting with a client and open this kit up, it looks like you mean business. Nicely done, guys.

Find out more at or follow them at @inkwellio.

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