Whitehack game systemI grew up playing RPG games. Yes, I freely admit this. The games expanded my imagination, exercised by math skils, and help hone information skills. However, as the games got more popular, they became more and more complex. You needed more books, supplemental guides, and “special case” rules… the weight of the game itself became more cumbersome, time consuming, and lesss fun to play. As if a throwback to the earlier, simpler times of gaming, out comes WHITEHACK. The small 32 page guide has everything you need to get started.

Stargazers World has done a nice review of the game. In it, Youseph Tanha reviews the same, citing you just need a d6 and d20 dice to start playing. The core rulebook is only 32 pages, and comes with some premade characters and adventures to get you started.

You can read more about the game at http://whitehackrpg.wordpress.com/. For $10 at LuLu.com it seems like a no brainer for those interesting in some casual weekend gaming without the overhead (and overload) of all the bigger systems.

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